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Connecting Qualified Technicians to Clients.

With Techsuite, you can now hire the most reliable technician for the best service for both your personal and commercial needs.

We guarantee a mutually beneficial interaction between clients and well trained and trustworthy technicians near you.

Who We Are

Techsuite is a Service Marketplace offered by TECHSUITE ORIGIN allowing you to hire the best technicians and service providers for your everyday needs.

The service also helps qualified technicians and service providers get reliable job opportunities by connecting them to paying clients from across all different locations.

What You Should Expect

For Technicians/Service Providers

  • Timely and Hassle-free Payments
  • Automated Invoicing System
  • Opportunities to build  your career
  • Robust support team 

For clients

  • Professionalism
  • Convenience
  • Safe transactions
  • Guaranteed service deliverance
  • Excellent technical support

How Does This Site Work

As a Service Marketplace, Techsuite allows people who need different services in their homes and offices post jobs and get qualified help in the shortest time possible.

All technicians and clients need to do is sign up or log into the site and place a request or pick a job.

Our representatives will be with you all through to ensure that each job is completed successfully

How Do You Pick the Best Technician/ Service Provider

Technicians and Service Providers sign up to Techsuite’s website .

Signing up involves submitting personal information which includes their official name, relevant certification from recognized bodies, contact information and a good conduct certificate from the relevant authorities.

Their application is then reviewed.

An application can be accepted or rejected due to any number of reasons.

This will be on the sole discretion of the Admin.

Reasons such as lack of relevant certificates or false/questionable information will play a big role in the disqualification process.

Once accepted, however, the technician or service provider is ready to start working from the job board.

How Does Payment Work

Payment is simple. A client will require to pay the agreed amount on the provided payment avenues.

To pay for a service, 

Log into the system and Post a job. 

Fill in all the relevant information detailing the type of professional help you need, your budget, deadline and location. 

Once you have added these details, your job will go live. 

Technicians will start bidding for the job. It is up to you to pick the most suitable technician or service provider. 

Once you hire them, you will be taken to a payment’s page. Make sure that you payment information is correct before you proceed. 

Make the necessary payment as detailed by the system 

The money is held in an escrow account for 3 days.

During this period, the client has the time and opportunity to raise any dispute under reasonable circumstances.

You can learn more about getting the best from Techsuite here.

How do we Maintain Quality of Service?

As mention before, we are not responsible for any technician/service provider or client. However, we maintain quality service by ensuring only competent technicians are on board and by way of client rankings.

Any technician/service provider or client who fails to pay or deliver the required service or acts contrary to the agreed Terms and Conditions will have their account suspended and, or terminated.

Of course, we will work hard to ensure that this does not happen and that each party gets what they deserve.

How Soon Can I Expect a Technician/Service Provider Once I Have Posted the Job on the Website

As soon as possible.

Technicians and service providers are expected to deliver service as soon as you have hired them. 

Our Admins will track every project to ensure that clients get the service they deserve without delays. 

What if the Technician Does not do a Good Job

You will have 3 days to send in any complaints on bad service incomplete work.

In the event of such an admin will work with you to make sure that you get the level of service that you deserve and that the work is completed to your expectations.

What if a Technician Steals From my House

We trust our Technicians/Service Providers and believe that they are there to offer nothing but professional service. 

It is important as a client to ensure that your valuable items are safe at all times in the event you need a Technician or Service provider to visit your home or office.

We are not liable for any loss or damage of goods and properties.

What if the client does not pay

Once the Technician/Service Provider and the client settle on a quote, the client is expected to deposit the money in the provided payment options number before the client can embark on any work. Failure to that means no services will be delivered.

The money goes into our escrow account. The money will remain in the escrow account for a maximum of 3 days after the project is completed during which the client is allowed to raise disputes. No technician will start work before payment is confirmed by the system.  

We may, and without notice, temporarily or permanently close a Client’s Account and revoke access to the Site and Site Services, including Client’s authority to use the Site to process any additional payments, enter into Service Contracts, or obtain any additional Services from any technician through the Site.

In the extreme event that the client actually receives service and fails to pay for it, they will remain responsible for any amounts that accrue on any open Projects at the time a limitation is put on the Client’s Account as a result of the default. Without limiting other available remedies, Client must pay TECHSUITE ORIGIN upon demand for any amounts owed, plus interest on the outstanding amount at the lesser of one and eight percent (8%) per month or the maximum interest allowed by applicable law, plus attorneys’ fees and other costs of collection to the extent permitted by applicable law.

We, at our discretion and to the extent permitted by applicable law, may make appropriate reports to credit reporting agencies and law enforcement authorities, and cooperate with credit reporting agencies and law enforcement authorities in any investigation or prosecution.

Payment should be done through the provided avenues at all times.

Payment through any other means is discouraged as it removes mediation services in the event the technician does not deliver to your required expectation.

How does Techsuite Make money?

We make our money through commissions.

Since Techsuite helps Technicians/Service Providers interact with clients, it is only fair that we get paid for the logistical services and efforts we display to ensuring that each party gets what they want.

We do not charge a high commission for our services as we aim to at ensuring that both the client and technicians get as much value as possible.

Therefore, we will charge a 3% commission on every amount a Technician/Service Provider gets for every job and a 5% commission for every client who gets a qualified technician.

Are there reward systems for Technicians/Service Providers


We will reward our most tenacious technician or Service Provider at the end of every year.

This will help maintain professional and quality of services to our esteemed clients.

Conflict Resolution

In the event of a conflict between a technician/service provider and a client, Techsuite representatives will try their best to act as mediators. 

Please note, however, that Techsuite is not responsible for any technician or service provider in the market. All we do is connect technicians to ready clients in the market.

Refund policy

Money can and will be refunded to the client under special circumstances. Those included:

    1. Failure by the technician to deliver quality service
    2. Failure by the technician to deliver any service at all
    3. Failure by the technician to deliver the required service after it has been determined that their first attempt produced shoddy work
    4. Any monies will be held in an escrow account for three (3) days after which it will be dispensed to the deserving party.

During returns, we will hold onto the agreed commission (5%) from the client.

A refund should take a maximum of three days. Our Admin will advise on the timeline to expect.